Acorn is a monument of British computer science from the 80s and 90s, whose products now equip billions of devices (ARM chips on our smartphones, for example).

A massive presence in schools, a legend of disruptive innovation, a story of people and passion.

Acorn, the High Tech brand full of meaning and emotion…


Acorn’s RiscPC with four modules from 1994, a fine example that combines design and innovation.


The waterproof raincoat


Which during the Great Thirties protected us from unstable weather and gales, by BLIZZAND, a brand of the BOUSSAC group, dedicated to coats, raincoats and other protection against the various weather hazards.

Blizzand, vintage and tapered, is ready to defy the weather passing through.


Spirit of Lasalle

Although the use of the LaSalle’s brand by General Motors was brief (1927-1940), it remained a significant brand name because it was designed under the brilliant guidance of the outstanding designer Harley J. Earl, of which the collector Jim Inglis said:
“Henry Ford created the need. Harley Earl created the desire.”

Beauty, presence, poise…

A premium position from which to access today’s motor transport world, in particular, electric, that makes perfect sense.

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Madame Soleil logo

From horoscopes to solar cosmetics, there is only one step that Mrs SOLEIL can take with ease: she is at home in both worlds and allows with a touch of humour, a pinch of maternal protection and a wealth of astral imagination to protect us well from bad spells and bad UV rays!

From horoscopes to sun protection cosmetics, it is a step that Mrs SOLEIL can take smoothly: she is at home in both worlds and provides a touch of humour, a sprinkling motherly protection and a richness of astral imagination to protect us properly against bad fortunes and nasty UV rays!

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Madame Soleil




Molyneux, a prestigious Parisian brand that has dressed both royal families and Hollywood celebrities